Error 401 - Authorization Required


HA! Looks like you either tried to hack the server or you just don't have the correct privaleges.

You have several choices:

1) You can't type. Try again.

2) You never got a username/password. Stop trying to steal my junk. (Chances are, it is junk, and if you email me, I'll grant you access.)

3) The webmaster is retarded and:

     a) Didn't give you the correct user/pass codes or

     b) Has yet to update the user file because he's lazy.

In either case, see #2.

4) We don't like you. We gave you fake information just so you would leave us alone. Heh.

If you REALLY think WE screwed up, contact this poor sap and see if he can/will do anything for you. Have a nice day!


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