Error 404 - /404.shtml not found


You have hit an internet dead-end or you have failed to smash your fingers against the keyboard in an effective manner.

You have several choices:

1) Get someone else to type the URL into the address bar of your browser because, obviously, you are uncapable of such a task.

2) Clean your glasses. The URL you were given to type IS correct. You need to re-type it.

3) Blame us. We moved something that you so desperately wanted to look at. (However, please keep in mind that we don't like to be blamed for anything. You may want to try #1 and #2 again before attempting such a crazy idea.)

4) Leave. Leave now. Don't come back. The owner has packed his bags and flown to a Carribean island to drink himself silly and this is what is left in his wake. Accept it.

5) Ignore this warning and attempt to re-try the same thing you typed the first time. It will not work. The server will laugh at you and send emails to your IP:, for eons that simply say "buffoon".

If all of these choices fail to placate you, contact this poor sap and see if he can/will do anything for you.


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