JustChillinK (12:56:50 AM): Is your profile supposed to make me want to love Jesus or be scared that he's lurking in my closet waiting for me to shut my eyes so he can rip my heart out?
EspiredLifeguard (12:57:06 AM): what?
EspiredLifeguard (12:57:21 AM)
: no Jesus does not lurk waiting to ripe your heart out
JustChillinK (12:57:39 AM)
: Are you sure? Because if you had infinite powers man would it ever be fun to freak people out like that.
EspiredLifeguard (12:57:54 AM): no he isnt into doingthat
JustChillinK (12:58:27 AM)
: Are you sure? Because now I'm scared to go to sleep tonight :-[
EspiredLifeguard (12:58:58 AM): no im sure
JustChillinK (12:59:09 AM)
: o ok 8-)
JustChillinK (12:59:36 AM): But wait, what if the devil made himself look like Jesus and you accidentally gave the devil your heart?
EspiredLifeguard (12:59:57 AM): no im sure i havnet given the devil my heart
JustChillinK (1:00:11 AM)
: But if he looks like Jesus HOW WOULD YOU KNOW?
JustChillinK (1:00:19 AM): OMG now I really can't sleep tongiht :-[
JustChillinK (1:00:22 AM): Krista, hold me
EspiredLifeguard (1:00:37 AM): *shakes head*
EspiredLifeguard (1:02:40 AM)
: the point of my profile is not to make you be scared of Jesus
EspiredLifeguard (1:02:50 AM)
: its to make you realize that he actually cares about you
JustChillinK (1:03:01 AM)
: Are you sure? Because now I'm searching for Jesus-repelling weaponry
JustChillinK (1:03:11 AM): I don't suppose bazookas would work against the omnipotent?
EspiredLifeguard (1:03:27 AM): yeah i dont think its Jesus you suposed to be afraid of in fact i know
JustChillinK (1:04:30 AM)
: is it the boogeyman then?
EspiredLifeguard (1:04:43 AM): no i dont think so
JustChillinK (1:04:45 AM)
: What about gremlins? Have you ever seen that movie? Thos things are freaky
JustChillinK (1:04:51 AM): I used to be scared of just the VHS box.
EspiredLifeguard (1:04:57 AM): hmm yeah ken those are pretty scary
JustChillinK (1:05:17 AM)
: My brother used to stick his hand in the box and pretend gremlins were eating his hand off :-[
JustChillinK (1:05:37 AM): and I used to get all freaked out
EspiredLifeguard (1:05:54 AM): oh really
EspiredLifeguard (1:05:59 AM)
: lol yeah i was scared of that movie
JustChillinK (1:06:14 AM)
: Yeah. But I guess it could have been Jesus in the box trying to get to my brother's hjeart or something :-P
EspiredLifeguard (1:06:32 AM): no Ken
EspiredLifeguard (1:06:34 AM)
: i dont think so
JustChillinK (1:07:00 AM)
: Oh alright as long as you don't think so then I can sleep alright tonight 8-)
EspiredLifeguard (1:07:25 AM): how the heck do you get that idea taht Jesus is out to get you from my profile? just wondering
JustChillinK (1:08:43 AM)
: "you are in every single thought of his every second"...".. he wants to steal your heart... " Oh I don't know you just make Jesus seem like some psycho-stalker who rips hearts out of unsuspecting kids and sells them on the black market for cash
JustChillinK (1:08:59 AM): possibly to buy drugs with, I'm not sure, but I'm bound to get to the bottom of this.
EspiredLifeguard (1:09:03 AM): um no thats not quite the case
EspiredLifeguard (1:09:31 AM)
: steal your heart as in you fall in love with him when you realize that no matter how bad you are he loves you ne way no matter what
JustChillinK (1:09:43 AM)
: And you just gave him your heart willingly? I mean, if you sold your own on the black market you could probably make a quick buck.
JustChillinK (1:09:58 AM): But I'm not gay :-[
EspiredLifeguard (1:10:05 AM): *shakes head*
EspiredLifeguard (1:10:40 AM)
: yeah i gave my heart willingly
EspiredLifeguard (1:10:54 AM)
: i dont think a heart is somthign you sell on the black market
JustChillinK (1:11:23 AM)
: Well maybe if you pack it in ice and pour some chemicals on it the heart could stay fresh enough
EspiredLifeguard (1:11:37 AM): im not talking about you physical heart ya know
JustChillinK (1:11:57 AM)
: Oh good, I was wondering how you could live without one. I was thinking you were a zombie
JustChillinK (1:12:02 AM): OMG you aren't are you?
JustChillinK (1:12:12 AM): Jesus isn't creating some Zombie legion is he??
EspiredLifeguard (1:12:13 AM): no im not a zombie ken
EspiredLifeguard (1:12:18 AM)
: no
JustChillinK (1:13:19 AM)
: oh alright cool. Because if you were a zombie I'd have to kill you, you know.
JustChillinK (1:13:24 AM): So just make sure you aren't.
EspiredLifeguard (1:13:32 AM): yeah im not a zombie
JustChillinK (1:13:35 AM)
: 8-)
JustChillinK (1:13:55 AM): You know I'm just kidding around, right?
JustChillinK (1:14:01 AM): Chris seems to think you're taking me seriously.
EspiredLifeguard (1:14:02 AM): yeah
EspiredLifeguard (1:14:10 AM)
: no i think i told him i dnot mind
JustChillinK (1:14:24 AM)
: But make no mistake, if you're a zombie I will take you down, Krista.
EspiredLifeguard (1:14:45 AM): dont worry about it ken im no zombie
JustChillinK (1:14:48 AM)
: 8-)